Name: Loyal Earnest Von Oosterhoudut


Line: 2my2r5m4g

Class Subject: Research Paper

Classroom Expectations




Be one time for class, assignments and anything you do with for for others!  This is an important character trait!


We are a team.  Our mission is to learn skills to obtain knowledge and morals to use that knowledge.  Being a team mate is an important character trait.


Each of you will have turns to read in class.  I will forewarn you.  Let's have fun with the reading before we do serious talk about how this helps us see how to write well.


Each of us need to learn to support each other.  Equity is a value here.  Our talents are not the same but together they can be awesome.  The only competition in this class is that we all succeed.


Compliments, encouragement and a helpful hand is always welcome in our classroom. Insults ridicule and idle hands are not needed and not welcome.  We a must work as a team to accomplish learning.   


As soon as you walk through the door…

  • You will turn your homework in immediately unless directed otherwise.

  • You will go to your seat and begin working on a warm-up activity (if one is posted on the board).

  • If there is no warm up activity, or you complete the warm-up activity before time is up, please read silently.


If you are tardy…
If you do not have a pass, sign the tardy sheet hanging on the wall as soon as you walk in.
If you have a pass, turn this in on the homework tray.
Quietly go to your seat and pick up where the class is.


If you do not have your homework…

  • Sign the sheet acknowledging you did not finish your homework.

  • Fill out the homework sheet to explain what you did get done and what is not done. Turn it in the homework tray.

  • The clock is now ticking, so make sure you get your work turned in!


If you have been absent…

  • Check the Absent Binder nest to the homework tray. Find the date you were absent and make note of any missed notes, homework, and activities.

  • If you missed any handouts or worksheets, they will be in the pocket divider with your name on them.

  • If you missed a quiz or a test, please ASAP  schedule a make-up.

  • You are responsible for getting your missed work from the binder and for getting instructions from other students.

  • Don’t forget to copy any missed notes from another student.


Before you leave the class for the day…

  • When the bell rings, this does not dismiss you from class.

  • Your mentor will dismiss you from class.

  • Check your area to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

  • Throw away any trash around you. I enjoy letting you drink in class, but will revoke the privilege if I find wrappers after class.





Major Projects




The focus of this quarter is a research paper. You will research the historical and personal experiences that may have influenced the author in their writing of the book you choose. Remember it is a book you have read or a writing in chapter 9. You will use MLA format and need 20 sources. Keep notes as they will be graded.
Due: March 25

Revamped Schedule



Jan 23

Introduction (basketball team gone)

Jan 30

Turn in topic and read discuss the story p710

Feb 06

Turn in 5 sources Start taking notes Use a system and the 5 sources must be complete. Don’t give a general website.

Offer several note systems ideas

Feb 13

Outline rough draft and thesis

Which would you rather be exercise

Feb 20

Final Outline. 15 sources and at least 50 notes (remember your notes will be graded )

Feb 27

Introduction and body rough draft

5 more sources.

Mar 06

Conclusion Peer editing of rough draft

Mar 13

Finalizing Notes and Bib and revising your paper from feedback.

Mar 25

Turn in Paper